Call for participations : The Endorsed Basic Competency and Standard Curriculum of System Science.

Joint Project: Endorsed Basic Competency and Standard Curriculum of System Science.

Promoter : IFRS (

We need to establish basic, introductory principles in systems and cybernetics especially for young minds to become future system scientists, systemic thinkers, system practitioners and systemic actioners by providing a systemic set of definitions, competencies, key concepts, key principles, well established laws, etc.

The Goal:

To collectively develop a set of curricula representing widely agreed basic competencies of system science, that cover foundational and fundamental contents in the format of comprehensive courseware, which includes textbooks, teacher’s handbooks, classroom scripts, video materials, and online resource links, that could be recommended to K-12 school teachers and university professors around the world.

For details see the attached full C-f-P and/or  contact  Dr. Jason Jixuan Hu, USA  (

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